Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swinging Sleeping Baby

I guess this is my big hint to start using the buckle.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Giggles or is it a cat?

I thought I heard an angry cat outside. I went outside to scare it away and found my sister Marci and her kids making Tatem laugh. Some times you can't even hear her laugh because we are all laughing too loud at her. Then, my niece Alecia and her friend we making her laugh by almost doing nothing. Also, UD and Aunt Lora paid us a quick visit. Tatem gave some great giggles for Uncle David but I was a little slow with the camera. It's so fun to hear her laugh!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey Lansing Ladies!

Remember this?
Almost one year ago - All pregnant, in order of due date. (R to L)
I need everyone to get back together (before anyone skips out of town) and retake the pictures with everyones little baby's, in born order. My request is that the picture include the ladies who were missing (Dianna, Megan, and Amy. I hope I'm not missing anyone)
If this could be done at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate it!
Man, am I bossy or what?

Thursday, July 24, 2008


We interrupt this current program to announce:

Now, back to your scheduled program.

By the way, what is your honest opinion about this
new generation of 90210'ers?

Happy Pioneer Day

Happy Pioneer Day!
In a quiet summer evening a couple weeks ago, a member of the Bishopric came to our home and asked us to speak in church. We accepted, and THEN he told us our topic. PIONEERS. I tried to hide my cringe. I'll be honest, it's not my favorite topic to speak about. Don't get me wrong, it's a great topic, it's just not a great topic for my "speaking style". I like to take a personal experience and turn it into a story using a gospel principle. I don't have any personal experiences about wearing a bonnet, or pulling a wagon, or collecting buffalo chips. Well...I take that back. Miles and I used to wander through the pasture in front of our house with one of those big ice cream buckets and...and pick up cow patties. Miles had a much better eye than me for finding the old ones. It took me a few time to learn that fresh ones aren't easy to pick up. Anyway - so the bishopric member left after a nice chat. Ian and I looked at each other with blank stares. Although we both have Pioneer heritage, we are not current on any personal family stories. I murmured a bit just before going to bed.

In the morning, just a few short hours after being asked to speak about pioneers, Ian went to work and checked his email. And that's when a miracle happened on his behalf. (Probably because he didn't murmur). He opened his email and saw an email from his mother.

"I have had this life history in storage for years. I finally dug it out today and retyped it so I can email it and save it to a CD. I hope you save it and copy it to a CD too, and let your children have a copy. "A MEMORIAL WRITTEN BY TAMMA DURFEE MINER MARCH 13TH,1881 WRITTEN IN SPRINGVILLE, UTAH"

How is IAN related?

Tamma Durfee had a son: Mormon

Mormon had a son: Albert Uriah Miner

Albert Uriah had a daughter Laurel (married Delmar Dickson)

Laurel and Delmar had 4 children: Dee, Elaine, Diane and John.

Dee had 4 daughters: Diane ,Judy, Debbie, and Janean

Diane (married Craig Service) had 5 children :

Steve, Ian, Tres, Tyler, Holly

So there was Ian's talk for him right before his eyes: Tamma is Ian's Great Great Great Great Grandmother. She was baptized in 1831, was there when they layed the cornerstone to the Kirtland Temple. She attended meetings where the prophet Joseph Smith was speaking. She crossed the plains, had 14 children, 5 of which died. Her 17 year old son, Orson, drove the wagon across the plains for her, and died when he got to the Salt Lake Valley. And much more about Tamma's life as an early Latter-day Saint was there for Ian. It was a miracle...for Ian. It was awesome...for Ian. I still had to come up with something. So I checked my email for the next couple of days looking for my miracle. Nothing. That'll teach me to murmur!Albert Uriah Miner

The Blue Angles are in town for the weekend and they are doing practice drills over our house. Lucky us, we don't have to pay $50 for a ticket to watch them.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Make an on-line slide show at
Ok, so I know it's a long video. Friends might watch it for 1 min but my family perhaps will watch the whole thing.
Those with kids know you just do, over and over, whatever you think works to entertain a child!!! Even if it is an evil bunny voice.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Tatem enjoyed the fireworks...asleep! Teeners booty, Joan Bowe, Grandmother McAllister, Ian, Grandma JayJay, and Tatem.

Monday, July 07, 2008

For the 4th of July our family went to Vancouver WA. Tatem and I are still here enjoying our family and friends. Here is just a picture of the many pictures I plan of posting of our holiday vacation weekend.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My 10 pound sack of Tater!
To our surprise, Tatem weighed in at 10 pounds at her 2 month doctors appointment! She went from our lil' Peanut to our lil' Piglet! I think she gained most of her weight in her eyes! Those things are huge and absolutely adorable. When people tell me they think she's cute, I don't even say thank you. Instead I say, with utter surprise, "I know!?!?" like I'm totally surprised that we could have produced something so beautiful! Seriously, I just love her so much!
Tatem likes to:
*poop after a bath
*blow spit bubbles
*smile at her mommy
*giggle with her daddy
*take naps in her swing
*hold her blankie close to her face
*grunt if you're not looking at her
*smile with her tongue sticking out
*sleep through the night
*and take a morning nap after her morning bottle.
(you'd think I use this perfect opportunity to take a shower, but no, I like to nap during her morning nap too).
I am absolutely in love with this sweet baby girl!