Sunday, May 28, 2006


Our Ward had a BBQ picnic on Saturday to celebrate Memorial Day. Ian and Lance were the self proclaimed "Master BBQ Grillers" for the afternoon. And I, of course, was the self proclaimed "Nagging Know It All on the How To's of Successful BBQing." Ian has learned to ignore my "helpful suggestions", but Lance had finally had enough and pulled out his weapons of war and chased me away! I don't know how they did it, but despite the absence of my constant supervision, the burgers and dogs turned out just fine.

After lunch we all joined together in a friendly game of softball. Our star pitcher, Luke, got thrown out of the game for doctoring up the ball with an emery board and vaseline! Luke has a reputation amoung the fans as being the rebelious one on the team! He likes to show off his defiance by wearing his signature fishermans hat instead of the team issued baseball cap!
Ian Service, number 29, traded two years ago to the Capital Ward Team, is now batting 4th. He's already doubled, tripled, and had two homers this game! He's known for his long ball and his long...bat.
Manager for the Capital Ward Team is Isaac Robinson, famous for his years spent with Joe Torre as batting coach. As always, Robinson is seen eating a mid game snack. He says he's not supersticious, but claims a 5th inning cookie can really bring the team together. (also pictured is the third base coach, Braum Thompson)
Shoeless Brett Robinson was one of the most talented members on the team until he got caught throwing the game with about 7 other members on his team! He is now banned from church softball for life.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


MY LIFE: I didn't realize how popular I was until I started getting hate mail about not keeping up friendships by IMing on an hourly basis, making personal phone calls on a daily basis, updating my blog on a weekly basis, and making sweet love on a monthly basis. Goodness people! There is only one of me to go around. And right now, I'm going through the prosses of getting my priorities back in order. Blogging is trying to work it's way back up to the top!

So, Here we go -

MY BROTHER: Right before taking a job with the BSA, I went to Gahannah, Ohio to visit my brother Miles. We had a great time...and I even got to stay an extra day. I love hanging out with Miles and especially love it when we can't stop laughing together. Some times Tom just looks at us like were crazy...and we know we are! We did a bit of painting around the house, we went to the gym and pumped some iron, we went to the movies, and we went shopping for new clothes, and had a fashion show/photo shoot/laugh attack. All the while Tom sat around taking a skin care survey. (HA HA, J/K atw, Tom!) Actually, Tom made one of the most fabulous dinners I have eatten at home. I wish Ian could cook like that. Actually, I bet Ian wishes I could cook like that! And the biggest adventure of that weekend was the Greyhound Bus ride back to Lansing Michigan. What should have taken a mere 4 hours took just over 8. If you're ever looking for a fun place to hang out...try a Grayhound Depot. WOW...there are some gems of people out there, that's for sure, and for 8 hours, I fit in with them!

We painted Miles' powder room with stripes - which turned out fabulous! (I can hear Whitney right now, "It's not a Powder Room, it's called a Crapper!") Well, not when it looks this good!

And I have to brag on my brother Miles, again. He added this BBQ patio and the flowers to his house this spring. His design and his own two hands! I love it - it looks awesome!

MY JOB: I really enjoy my job with the Boy Scouts of America. I am the manager of the Scout Shop. I will sell you anything from yur merit badge patches to yur pine wood derby cars to yur green scout pants. Monday thru Friday, 9:00 to 5:00. I finally have my weekends back and couldn't be happier! Ian and I have some great plans for the summer and I will be needing those weekends! Plus, I now have health insurance! Yippie!

Jamies Wedding: I used to work at LoveSac with my good friend Jamie. She now lives in California where her husband is stationed with the Military. Jamie and Jim reaffirmed their wedding vows in April after he returned home from Iraq. They had a wonderful cerimony, and the reception afterwards was a lot of fun.

I'm finding that I can't take myself anywhere. I accidentally put my napkin over one of the centerpiece candles. Well, only one thing can become of that! Oops!

Some of you may not know this about my husband...but he is a Beauty School Dropout (like some other people I know). I guess in a way, we all like to think we naturally have the skills of those who have paid for year of training in their respective schools. Our friend Dan had a mishap with some bleach...two or three times in a row...within a days time. The only answer to restore the dark locks of Dan was Salon de Service.

Don't worry. Dan recovered. Only, I'm blogger retarded and can't figure out how to rotate this picture.


I've been together with my best friend now for 6 years! I have to admit, we are the cutiest couple ever!

NO, not THAT best friend. My OTHER Best Friend!

There we go! Ian and I have had so much fun together in our six short years of marriage. But I will always remember the classic remark from our "Mexican Mama" a couple years ago when talking to Ian about how long we'd been married.
She asked, "How long have you been married?"
Ian answered, "Three years."
She replied, "I bet it feels like three days...abajo la aqua!"
I think thats when she and Ian really made a connection!
Well, now it's been a whole 6 years...and it only feels like 5 days under the water!
Ahhhh, love and marriage! I'm just glad mine is forever!

MY MOTHERS DAY: I had a wonderful Mothers Day this year! My two favorite guys, Luke and Isaac, came over to wish me a Happy Mothers Day, and brought me a beautiful California Callas plant! I just love 'my boys' and absolutly love that they (with the help of their awesome parents) thought of me on Mothers Day. My heart just melted when I heard Isaac wish me a happy mothers day in his cute little voice. I'm so blessed!