Saturday, July 25, 2009

Best seat in the house

Just watchin' her favorite show,
in her favorite new spot...holding her favorite toy.
She sings along with Nora - she's always singing.
Laughs at Elliot - he's always making funny noises.
And yells with Lampy - he's always in a drunken stoupper yelling at something!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I lied.

I took Tatem to get her chicken pox shot.
I asked them to weigh her to verify she weighs 20 pounds.
Well, come to find out...she's not quite there yet.
That was even after a hearty lunch and a sippy cup of milk!
(CUP, not bottle! We're doing good today!)
So, I guess I have to retract that previous post and say
at 15 months she weighs 19 pounds.

two cute little piggy tails
the end result of two cute little piggy tails

It's what a good daddy does

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

15 month update

Tatem is 15 months old and hit a big milestone.
She finally weighs 20 pounds!
She finally advanced from a rear facing infant seat to a forward facing booster seat and I think she couldn't be more happy about it. We installed it last night and took her for a drive...and I swear the little lady could not stop talking. She turned into a jabber-jaw with all she could see. She was in car seat heaven!

So, now that she's a big girl we decided to try other new things...

It's time to learn how to use utensils. This was her attempt at eating yogurt with a spoon this morning. She ended up a disast but it sure was cute. I'm loving those little (HUGE) teeth! She has three on the top and two on the bottom.
Another milestone: She finally grew out of her 6 month footy pajamas! It seemed like overnight her toes were being forced to grow upward and her shoulders were being pulled down in those footy jammas. So she got new summertime jammies. New pajamas are always fun!

Another milestone attempt: No more bottle.
Result: FAILED!

Monday morning - no bottles! By 3:00 Monday afternoon, I broke down and gave her one. The thing is, she knows how to ask for it so she knows exactly what she wants. And let's just say, SHE RUNS MY LIFE! There's this little thing called a tantrum she's perfected. It's not pretty!

Tuesday morning - no bottles! I put her morning milk in her favorite camelback water bottle. She yelled at me. So I put her milk in a regular sippy cup. More yelling, with tears this time. So I poured her milk into a...a...a...BOTTLE!!!! Yes, I did. I did it. I gave in, and she smiled through her tears and grabbed that bottle right out of my hands like a spoiled brat.

Maybe tomorrow?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Last Year. This Year.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's all about IAN - Go Team Ian!

First and foremost: Ian passed the Idaho State Bar!See. There he is accepting his certificate after the mass group swearing in chant. Oh, you can't see him?? ME EITHER! Down in front!!!
"Give me that...I wanna see if it's real"
The ceremony was in Boise in early May which was also our 9th wedding anniversary so we went a day early to celebrate.
Then in June, Ian and my brother Adam, ran the Teton Dam half marathon in Rexburg Idaho. They both beat their last years time by at least 13 minutes or more. I always tell people something like, "you don't actually run these races to win them!" Well, Ian also ran with Adams Father-in-law and Sister-in-law - both of which took FIRST PLACE in their age divisions! Look at that. The first time I've ever been wrong!
Fathers Day 2009
At church on Fathers Day Sunday, they handed out these cute gifts to all the Fathers! Ian got his little gift bag, took one look at it, and asked if he could exchange out his Dads Root Beer for a Diet Coke. And then on Monday, it was Ian's birthday.
I hope Ian got enough attention over the last 2 months because I'm all tapped out.