Thursday, June 25, 2009


MAY 2nd, 2009
For the life of me, I can't remember why Tatem and I were in Utah this time around, but we sure had fun. We went to the Hogle Zoo on rainy afternoon after a family trip to IKEA. (We had to "lie" to Karl and convince him IKEA was a computer store in order for him to come with us.)
We were headed towards the giraffes (at the Zoo, not IKEA) when I exclaimed, "OH, I love the giraffes. They are my favorite!" And the whole time we were there, this gross giraffe was liking his own regurgitated spit up off the metal railing. Over...and over...and over again. Well, I guess the giraffes use to be my favorite!
However, there was one giraffe whose neck was sooooo long...he was able to stretch it clear around this building! See! I knew I liked the giraffes!
Tatem and Uncle Bill
Seriously, I don't think they should let the tigers get this close to the humans. Plus, really, is a chain linked fence really going to do the trick in a ravenous moment of hunger?
I think Tatems best friend is her cousin, Karl.
She has so much fun with him every time we get together. They were playing 'chase' under the elephant pavilion while we waited for the rain to go away.

We sacrificed my nephew, Alex, to the alligators.
My niece, Alecia, and the groundhogs.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back-tracking to MAY

TONS happened in MAY so I've gotta some how back up and blog about it. Let's start at the end of the month and work our way back.

Starting at Memorial Day Weekend:

My niece, KAYLA, (also known as "baby Kayla" back in my Ricks College days where a once baby named Kayla would visit our apartment and would do baby somersaults and baby dance moves) married PATRICK, (whom, if I'm not mistaken, was known in his family as "baby Patrick") in the Salt Lake City Temple!

Both families - at a ring ceremony just before the reception started.
From RIGHT to LEFT: BILL and MARCI (Kayals parents...Marci is my sister)
PATRICIA and BILL (Patricia is Patricks mother)
TIM and RAE LYNN (Patricks Father and Step-mom)
The Wedding Party
My beautiful sister, Marci, and her daughter, Alecia

Dancing the night away!

Just checkin' for the breakable things...

We then celebrated birthdays for
ADAM (my brother) and BILL (my brother-in-law)
with left over wedding cake. They each got a candle to blow out! It worked!

Tatems Memorial Day Dance!
Ian's Grandma and Grandpa always host a Memorial Day breakfast so we made our way out to Ogden to enjoy more food and family.

We finished up our Memorial Day weekend by playing at a park with Marci, Alecia, and Alex. Tatem has so much energy - and she loves playing with her cousins.
Thirsty girl! Always drinking out of MY sippy when her's is close by! Little Stinker!

Then a week later, Kayla and Patrick had a reception in Kimberly, Idaho, which is just on the outside of Twin Falls where we live. So we hosted Tatems other cousins and enjoyed the Western Days Parade (see previous post).

The Kimberly reception was set up beautifully! I usually try to stay away from the food table...but I was so drawn to this one. It was awesome. There were oreo truffles that I couldn't keep my mitts off of. The fruit cascaded down in color with hollowed out pineapples filled with yummy fruit dip. I would just like to add, that although my sister Marci was the mother-of-the-bride, she had time to *make the oreos truffles *make the white mint candies *make all the brides maids dresses *and make her own dress! And if that wasn't enough...
...she made the BRIDE too! Well...with the help of Bill!
And to top off a great night -
THREE OF MY MOST FAVORITE THINGS! (In no particular order!)
And that wraps up the END of May. Now let's see if I can blog about the BEGINNING of it.