Saturday, October 27, 2007

You deserve a raise!!

I love having a Personal Assistant!
All I have to do is tell her my likes and dislikes, and she finds exactly what I want! Seriously, I think I'm the new KIMORA, the new KARDASHIAN, the new KATHY GRIFFIN. Oh wait, she's not all that cool. Well, anyway - my P.A. set me up with this cool blog template because I'm totally retarded and can't do it myself!
Now, if she could just find me a job!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Summer Lovin'

It looks like there were more than just fireworks going off on the 4th of July!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I wish someone would have warned me about
the dangerous side effect of a
FIBER ONE granola bar as a mid morning snack,
and TACO BELL for lunch!!
Consider yourselves warned!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Seriously, what's wrong with me?

Every time I brush my teeth,

I almost throw up!!!

Seriously, what's wrong with me?

Every time I brush my teeth,
I almost throw up!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

So, before reaching our final destination of Boise, we stopped in Chubbuck to stay with my brother ADAM and his family. Adam and Jenny have three cute kids and a new cute house. We went to church with them on Sunday even though it's our family tradition to try to avoid such things while on vacation.

I ate a nice healthy breakfast that morning, put on my Sunday best, and made it through the first meeting. I volunteered to take care of Kimball, Adams newest, during Sunday School hour, and of course, it would be best to take care of him in the hallway. So, while sitting on the floral foyer couch with Kimball I suddenly became very hungry. I looked through Kimball's diaper bag hoping to happen upon some crackers or cheerios or something of the like. I found an empty ziplock bag just as my sudden hunger turned into ravaging hunger!!!! With wide eyes I looked up at Ian and said, "You gotta find me some snacks, NOW! I'm starving!"

Ian chuckled, thinking I was just being my normal bossy self.

With daggers in my eyes, I reiterated to Ian the urgency of my starvation! I strongly demanded he had better go rob the nursery of it's Nilla Waffers RIGHT NOW!! "Did you not hear me?!?!, NOW!!!"

Fearing for his life, Ian returned with 2 fruit snack bags, a box of raisins, and a cup full of animal crackers. And, in typical Ian style, he also grabbed equal portions for himself as well. MY HERO!!!

Before I could even get a THANK YOU out, I polished off the first bag of fruit snacks. I handed Kimball off to Ian to insure I didn't have to share one morsel with him. Moments later the entire meal provided by the nursery was devoured!

After feeling the relief of my nagging hunger, I layed my head on the arm of the floral foyer sofa. I cannot confirm or deny what happened for the next 30 minutes...BECAUSE I WAS ASLEEP!!!

Yes, I fell asleep on the couch at the church while the next ward was filing in to start their meeting. I'm not sure how many people saw me...sleeping...with my mouth gapping a skirt...sitting like a Trucker...but I'm sure both Ian and Adam were so proud!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let sleeping dogs...alone



At least one of the two will happen!

We successfully made it to Utah for Grandpa Services funeral after some wonderful friends helped us pack up our house that wasn't ready. YES, we ended up being "one of those people". We owe a HUGE THANK YOU to those who helped us...all day long...all sweaty day long...all gross and humiditily sweaty day long! That's right - THANK YOU!

It took three days to get to Utah - pulling our trailer. It felt like 30 days. In fact, on the third day of driving, Ian FIRED me as his co-pilot! I'll admit, I was complaining. I woke up from my 4th nap of the day in the passenger seat and said, in my famously whinny voice, "Why? Why is this taking so long?? How come we're not there yet?!?!?" He told me I was welcome to get out and walk but that he was going to keep on driving.

Luckly, we had a great break in Colorado! We were able to spend the night in Longmont Colorado with our favorite family in the world - The Robinsons! It was awesome to visit with them even though it was for just one night! I can't believe Luke, Isaac and Audry are growing up without us! I've gotta find a way to move to Colorado!

Utah was fun. Lot's of family. Lot's of soda. Those Services are never without their fix of soda. Someone caught me drinking water and I swear I almost got kicked out of the family. We had a GREAT visited with Coby, Tiffany, Corbin and new baby Jackson. I'm sure more was happening in Utah for the two weeks we spent there, but once again...I was napping most of the time.

Finally on our way to Boise, we stopped in Pocatello so Ian and I could run a 1/2 marathon. Well, we both signed up for it, but only Ian ran it. I was busy napping! In fact, my nap was so long, I actually didn't show up to see him cross the finish line. Oops! However, Lance, Bettie, and Calista were there to cheer for him as he crossed the line! I think that kicks me out of the running for Supportive Wife of the Year for 2007. Oh well.