Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am not going to drink any more soda this month!!

Good bye Dr. Pepper that I loved so dearly with a bag of pretzels. I will miss you.

Good bye Rootbeer, that shared nearly every pizza with me! I will miss you.

Good bye Diet Coke/Cherry Coke mix! I'm sure my love for you will grow stronger every day that we're apart!

Farewell Mt Dew, the one who got me addicted in the first place by running across the street to get .25 cent refills at Craigos Pizza in 1993

Until next month, my dear carbinated friends!
(btw - You better get you Visiting Teaching done today, it's the last day of the month!)

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Saturday, January 13, 2007


1. I come across really reserved and quiet, but deep inside, I've got a cackle of a laugh that can deafen even the very deaf. Actually, it's so loud, the deaf might actually hear it. Don't worry, I don't use it very often. Like I said, I'm really reserved and quiet.

2. I have amazing will-power. If I see a chocolate cake, I WILL eat it, and not just one piece. I WILL eat as much of it as I can get away with without it looking like I was the one who ate ALL of it. And if I get blamed for eating it all, I WILL deny it. See, that is power!

3. It's been said of me over and over that I can't sing very well, but the truth be known, I'm pretty darn good! Just ask anyone at Miles' Work Christmas Party. I was the only one who was NOT drinking, but I'm the one who got up and started singing! Now you might be thinking, "where were Miles and Ian to stop her?!?!" Well, Miles was accompanying me on the piano, and Ian was trying to adjust the spotlight to make sure it was entirely on me! That's right. I am now a singing legend in Columbus Ohio! Well, at least to an intoxicated audience!

10. I am the most loyal person you'll ever come across - in work, and in friendships. I believe myself to be loyal, honest, trustworthy, thrifty, brave, hungry, loyal, honest, faith, choice and accountability, good works, and integrity, one nation, under God, loyal, and finally, honest.

There you have it! And just maybe, just maybe you learned something new about lil'ol'me! My name is Natalie.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Is it an UPDATE you're waiting for? Just wait longer!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's a Christmas Miracle!

We spent Christmas as Miles and Toms house this year. Only, Tom was out of town visiting his family in NY and Ian was visiting his family in UT. So I was just ME & MILES on Christmas morning. Well, since we wanted to wait for Tom and Ian to open up Christmas gifts, we were left with only one thing to do Christmas morning: we prank called a few of our family and friends with Christmas Carols early, early in the moring. You know that had to be a real treat for whoever stumbled out of bed to answer the phone! Yes, we sang, then hung up, then laughed because we thought we were so funny! Ah, a Christmas to remember!

Monday, January 01, 2007


"Son, is that a panty on your head?"

There's nothing like doing FOOLISH things just to make people laugh!
That sums up the New Years Party with the Schroeder Family, bringing 2006 to a close! We foolishly ate way too much pizza, drank way too much ...soda, ate way too many Hersheys Nuggets, made and ate homemade icecream with all the fixin's, we tried to potty train a 2 year old before the year was over, we found pure joy in a box of knee-hi nylons, gave markers to children under 4, had an eyebrow plucking session, built a city around a train track, watched a bit of football, and we completely sugared up a 4 year old GAGE, and a 2 year old TALON, and expected them to act like angelic children while depriving them of sleep until after 12:00 midnight while waiting for the ball to drop! Needless to say, our night was full of fun and laughter and tears, most of the tears from too much laughter!
Here's to the NEW YEAR! I'm hoping 2007 is full for the same, if not more FOOLISH things! Goodness knows, I enjoy a good laugh! After Ian finally put Gage down, believe it or not, Gage asked Ian to "do it again"! Hilarious! Pizza from Zion Pizza Party!
(Take note: New paint color on dinning room walls. Do you like?)