Friday, June 29, 2007

Birthday Boy

Ian and his buddy Talon
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...and since we're still on the subject of BIRTHDAYS...


Thursday, June 28, 2007


Happy happy birthday Brittni dear.
Happy days will come to you all year.
If I had one wish than it would be...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


There are lots of JUNE BIRTHDAYS in our family. Four of us Juners just happened to be together in JUNE in Columbus Ohio.
Lindsay and Miles surprised us all with a very delectable icecream roll cake. Because they were the only two of the group left out, they decided it was appropriate to have the cake say,

And obviously,
We did too!

For the few of you out there who have had the rare chance of experiencing this phenomenon, I'm sure you'd agree - really, there is nothing better than getting a few Andersons together and hearing them themselves!
Every Anderson is a comedian!

Thanks for the party, Miles and Lindsay!

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for more information
please go to
and look for the Happy Birthday post to TOM!
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Saturday, June 23, 2007


Remember that one time I had the calling of Enrichment Leader? And remember how much I totally complained about it. And remember how they fired me about two months into that calling? Well...THANK GOODNESS! Because our new beautiful and talented Enrichment Leader, Jennifer Jackson, put together one of the best Enrichment Nights EVER!!!


Complete with real games and actual Barkers Beauties!
Allyson Misseldine and Jennifer Jackson

Rod Roddy was the gorgeous Erica Hogge.

And who was BOB BARKER, you ask??

I even had a microphone with a cord, and $500 in my suit coat pocket for the contestant who bid exactly the actual yardsale price!

Bob - "What's our first item up for bid, Rod?"
Rod Roddy - "First item up for bid Bob, is a 12 sting guitar purchased at a yard sale."
Bob Barker - "Lets start the bidding with you."
First contestant - "Twelve Dollars, Bob"
Second contestant - "Fifteen Dollars, Bob"
Third contestant - "What was the first bib, Bob?"
Bob - "$12!"
Third contestant - "I'll say Nine Dollars, Bob!"
Bob - "I'm sorry! You've all OVERBID - please go lower than $9."
"six dollars bob" "three dollars bob" "ONE DOLLAR Bob"
Bob - "And the actual yard sale price of the 12 string guitar is...$7!!Amberly was one of our lucky contestants who made it up on stage out of contestants row. She played the "Whats the bigger bargain" game. Other games included "Range Finder" "What's in the bag?" "Pick a Pair" and that one where you have 60 seconds to label the 4 prizes with their proper dollar amount then run back in pull the handle to see how many you have right...then run back and try to fix the ones you might have wrong. I can't remember the name right now. BUT ALL THE GAMES WERE SO MUCH FUN!!!

All of our items were purchased at YARD SALES, or were purchased brand new from stores at a DISCOUNTED PRICE. Our commercial breaks were quick tips from selected sisters who spoke on "free activities around town", "home remedies", "internet shopping, like ebay, craigslist, and freecycle" , and "food storage stuff". A few weeks ago, when announcing the activity, the sisters were asked to bring an item they had purchased at a yardsale or had found and exceptional deal on at a retail store. The handouts were "Price is Right" tickets. So...our SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN featured items the sisters brought with them that night. The Barkers Beauties hand selected which items would be part of which showcase, then the contestant had to determine the total amount that was paid for the items.

Our showcases, which included some great stuff, totaled $19.50, and $12.00 respectively.

EVERYONE SEEMED TO HAVE A GREAT TIME! Thank goodness for Jennifer Jackson and her committee! Thank goodness it is her calling and not mine! THIS ENRICHMENT ACTIVITY WAS A HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Seriously! When do people with children find time to update their blogs? Cute stories. Cute pictures. Cute blog layouts! I'm jealous! When do you find the time? I only have a husband and a hemorrhoid that flares up everyone once in a while and I can't keep up! (Picture not included. You're welcome!)

SO MUCH has happened in my life in the last two weeks that there is no way I can catch up. And because I hate BULK BLOGGING almost more than I hate forwarded emails, I will attempt to update one story at a time, more frequently*.

*Don't hold your breath

The good ol' BSA has an annual
Although Ian would much rather
be a participant in the event,
I MADE him be a volunteer. We were assigned Hole 4,
par 3, slight up hill, 187 yard, over the lake, pin placement in center of the green,
a sporadically gusty breeze to the right, forest lining the right, sand trap to the left.

There was a 40 foot circle drawn around the pin.
For only $5, a golfer could double his money if he hit the ball into the circle.
I was the attractive carnival caller/money collector at the tee box.
Ian was the handsome circle monitor on the green.

Ian also was a self-appointed caddy to any golfer who wasn't looking for caddy advise. He had plenty of time in between teams to read the greens with the balls he found in the trees, which were many. So, there I am all day, thinking I'm so cute, asking all these men to hand over their money to participate in the "HIT IT IN THE CIRCLE" game! It required a bit of coaxing/flirting to get the money, batting my eyelashes, flashing my mother of pearly whites, and exposing my witt and charm. Three hours, and about 140 participants later, another volunteer shows up to relieve me for a 5 min break. With wide eyes and a pointed finger at my face, he yells,
"WHOA!!! You have a HUGE mosquito bite on your chin!! It's so big! WOW, I've never seen anything so huge before! Doesn't that hurt? Oh my gosh, it's GIGANTIC!"
I reach up to check the validity of his proclamation to the world and, sure enough, my chin was nearly numb by the sheer pressure of the swelling! IT WAS HUGE!
First thought: How long has that been there and how many people saw it!?!?
Second thought: I'm not cute at all!! Who was I kidding!
Third thought: Were the golfers giving me money to play the game OR did they think they were donating to my future plastic surgery to remove the growing tumor from my chin!!?!?!?
To the Club House STAT!
With the Michigan breeze thrashing through my hair, I furiously sped off in my golf cart reaching speeds of nearly 3 miles per hour! After driving through a few sand traps, I drove right into the camouflaged swamplands near the 17th faraway. I prayed, "please little golf cart, please don't get stuck. Not here. Not now." I started to bounce up and down on my seat, hoping to free myself from the swallowing mud hole. Mud was flinging in all directions, including up my back, from the spinning tires. At last, I reach the Club House to assess the damage!
GOSH! I'm already board of my own story! This is taking forever to tell!
See! I hate to blog!
I quit!
Blah, blah, blah, we had a great day.
The end.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Columbus Ohio 07

This is just the beginning of our fun!
Just you wait for more pictures and stories
about our adventures.
In the mean time, enjoy this fantastic picture of us!
We are a mighty good-looking bunch if I do say so myself!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

I'm a new Aunt!!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Grand Haven

Tuesday, June 05, 2007