Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Weekend JuJu Bear and Todd Got Married

My beautiful cousin Julie is now happily married to her new best friend, Todd Hillyard. Todd and Julie, Forever, and ever, and ever...just like in Saturdays Warrior! It was meant to be!


The entire weekend was a PARTY! At the luncheon, we found out that Todd is the 4th child in his family. And as his sister pointed out, recent Birth Order studies use the following description to label the 4th child: "Life is a party, and they are the host!" (Well, being a 4th child myself, I would have to agree!) And boy, did they throw a great party! Let me tell you all about it!


Tons of Family, even more food, and a plethora of FUN!

Unka and Uncle ReedNatalie Service , Joan Bowe, Liz McAllister, Liz Maloney
Martin and Kendal McAllisterChristine McAllister - who looks absolutely FABULOUS!!!

Father and Son, Steve and Martin
(and I don't mean to be a tattle-tale, but Uncle Steve is standing on his tippy toes!

Julie and Todd know how to party! Their reception was at the Salt Lake Country Club, a not so shabby place for a small get together. They served up the best food, beautiful fruit platters, crackers with about a million cheeses to choose from, squirrel on a stick, high-class pigs-in-a-blanket, and a bunch of other items that I had problem making a meal out of! The whole spread was fantastic!

And then to top it off, there was a CHOCOLATE/HOT COCO BAR! And believe me, our extended family had our fair share of the loot!

Chocolate chocolate everywhere...and not enough pockets to fill!

There was also a Karaoke Band which provided many opportunities for personal humiliation, to which I am thankful that this party was a non-alcoholic function! However. . .

. . . instead, surprisingly and pleasently, we were provided with some fun music performed by some really talented friends and family of Todd and Julies! Every one was up and dancing the night away!

The Bride and Groom swinging to some sweet tunes!Joan Bowe and Unka Steve cutting a rug!
(I have no doubt Uncle Steve goosed her before the song was over!)

I thought there was a great turn out of friends and family from both Todd and Julies families. The following are just a couple random pictures of the fun times we had through out the evening. I'm telling ya - it was the Party of the Century!

Martin and John

Uncle Reed, Aunt Melissa, and Kristen (Brett's wife). Please note the beautiful centerpieces!Natalie, Zackary, Brett
(L) Natalie, Teener, Grant Linton, Jodi Linton, with Martin and Kendal peeking around back.
(R) Martins good friend, Brad Horrox, with his wife and (3rd) baby.


Whitney said...

A tear is falling from my eye because I'm so mad that I didn't go to the PARTY! It looked like so much fun. But now that I know there was karaoke and dancing, Elliot would have NEVER gone! Those pictures just make me laugh and I can just hear all of the laughing that I missed! By the way Nat . . . you look AWESOME!