Friday, March 03, 2006

The Todd and Julie Hillyard Family!

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hillyard
Married February 25th, 2006
Salt Lake City TempleIt's no wonder why Julie is such a beautiful bride!
Proud parents: Steve and Liz McAllister
Very proud Grandmother: Joan BoweSharing an Eternal Moment from Grandmother to Grandaughter.
Aunt Liz, THE ROCK, in the background!

Julies Family, sharing in the joy that the day finally arrived!
Bottom left corner: Julies roommates
Top half: The McAllister Gang
Bottom Right corner: The Family Bowe, with Auntie, Unka and Teener in front.Muffin and JuJu BearTodd, Joan Bowe, JulieSusie, Spencer, Kendal, MartinJulies Auntie Patricia and cousin Shannon
Liz Maloney (from England), Joan Bowe