Sunday, August 29, 2010

I know, I know. Most of you are going to be surprised, but, I'm back in Indiana hanging with my sister Lindsay, and her girls! Shocker, I know! We are having a blast, as usual. We've been busy playing playing playing. We've also been busy neglecting the children while Lindsay teaches me how to sew. Lindsay is attempting to teach me this "new" way of to sew sans cuss words. I'll be honest - It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. This is one of my first dresses. I still need to sew a cute ruffle thingy on the bottom, but either way, I love the way it turned out. It was made with love...and a lot of biblical curse words.
I'm sure you've noticed Tatems neon green flip flops. Yes, so does everyone else. People tell me like I'm not aware that they are a million sizes too big. Oh really, that's weird, I'm her mother and I didn't even notice. And what's that? They are on the wrong feet? I KNOW!!! You try telling this very independent and rouge two year old that she can't wear them, and then deal with the repercussions. It's just best to leave her be. Believe me, I KNOW!


Brittni Schroeder said...

So cute!

Alyson said...

adorable! Your sewing is amazing!

the Smith's said...

Nice work Nat! I hope that when Linds moves back to AZ you'll come visit often!! I miss you! XOXO

Jennybug said...

I got Lyvi her own flips and they're kind of her size. She's still not too sure about them yet. Maybe if T would ever COME HOME she'd wear them. :) Miss you guys!

jdb in AZ said...

A study at the NYU medical ctr revealed that "women who sew experience a significant drop in heart rate, blood pressure, and perspiration when compared to women who participate in other leisure activities. "When a woman begins to sew, her heart rates drop by up to 11 beats per minute!" Robert H. Reiner, PhD of NYU further states,"The importance of a hobby or creative pursuit cannot be overemphasized. If we don't allow our bodies to rest from the pressures of everyday life, we are placing ourselvees at risk for heart disease or other illness."

Whut a crock!


Ha ha ha ha, Beth!!!! Seriously. Tell that to the slice in my finger from unpicking a stitch, the mounds of wasted thread in my trashcan because my bobbin keeps being screwey, and the neglected hubby and children because it's not a hobby's an obsession!!

Nat is, however, a very particular seamstress, although she'll disagree. We could never work together longterm and maintain our loving, sisterly relationship. At least she hasn't thrown any of her of projects in the trash yet. That's an accomplishment, right Nat?!


And I mean aunt Judy, not Beth Anne. Sorry!

Ian N. Service said...

My sweet baby girl looks fantastic in her mommy "label" apparel. Love it Nat - good work!

Anna said...

Love the cute :)

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