Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why the tears, Tatem?

"Santa smells like beef and cheese"

Buddy: Who the heck are you?
Gimbel's Santa: What are you talkin' about? I'm Santa Claus.
Buddy: No, you're not.
Gimbel's Santa: Uh, why of course I am! Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Buddy: Well, if you're Santa, what song did I sing for you on your birthday this year?
Gimbel's Santa: Um, Happy Birthday of course. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. How old are you son?
Kid with Santa: Four.
Gimbel's Santa: You're a big boy. What's your name?
Kid with Santa: Paul.
Gimbel's Santa: Now what can I get you for Christmas?
Buddy: Don't tell him what you want, he's a liar.
Gimbel's Santa: Let the kid talk.
Buddy: You disgust me! How can you live with yourself?
Gimbel's Santa: Just cool it, Zippy.
Buddy: You sit on a throne of lies.
Gimbel's Santa: Look, I'm not kiddin'.
Buddy: You're a fake.
Gimbel's Santa: I'm a fake?
Buddy: Yes!
Gimbel's Santa: How'd you like to be dead, huh? Ho, ho, just kidding.
Buddy: You stink.
Gimbel's Santa: I think you're gonna have a good Christmas, all right.
Buddy: You smell like beef and cheese, you don't smell like Santa.



What was better?...last year's Santa that smelled like a carton of cigarettes or this year's Santa that smells like beef and cheese? Poor Tahtee...come back to Indiana where the REAL Santa comes to our mall. He's the best.

She looks adorable by the way!

Stupid Santa...

Janee said...

LOL!!!! Hahahahhaha!!! I just watched Elf last you Nat :)

Sarah said...

Love that movie. My kids love the burp heard 'round the world. Let me know when Santa figures out how many presents it takes before Tatem decides she likes him. I'll double it!!

Jake, Holly, McKenzie, Brady and the dog Molly said...

awe tater...Kinz hated him til this year! she even loves the cheapo fake looking walmart one! haha

love ya!

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Carrie said...

I'm so excited to see an update! Tatem is getting so big! At least you took her to see Santa....Big confession coming.....I've never taken my kids to see Santa and I've got 3 children! Phew, glad to get that off my chest!

Julie and Todd said...

I can't stop laughing!

Coby said...

How many times do you think we watched that at the store? 100, 200?

Anonymous said...

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Marci said...

You sure get some weird anonymous comments. Time to update, girl!

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